Solubility limits of ceria-zirconia-lanthana solid-solutions

TitleSolubility limits of ceria-zirconia-lanthana solid-solutions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAbbas, Z, Surendran, M, Anjana, PA, Jidev, PK, Dasari, H, Naidu, SN, Anandhan, S, Bhat, UK, Babu, UBhaskar G, Dasari, HPrasad
Conference NameInternational Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering and Material Sciences (ICEMS)
Date PublishedMAR
PublisherElsevier Science BV, PO BOX 211, 1000 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands
Conference LocationJaipur, India
KeywordsCeria-Zirconia Lanthana, EDTA-Citrate method, Raman spectroscopy, solubility limit, XRD

We demonstrate, the solubility limits of Ceria-Zirconia-Lanthana (CZLa) solid-solutions with the increase in heat-treatment temperature from 600 degrees C to 1300 degrees C. CZLa nano-crystalline samples were successfully synthesized by EDTA-Citrate complex method and were characterized by Raman Spectroscopy (RS) and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) analysis. With an increase in temperature, it is noticed that the solubility limit is decreased in CZLa system. At 600 degrees C, a very good solubility is observed in CZLa system and is confirmed from RS analysis. At higher heat-treatment temperatures (1000 and 1300 degrees C), with an increase in La content, Zr precipitated in the CZLa system and is confirmed from RS analysis. The reason for such kind of behavior in this CZLa system is clearly explained in this work. (C) 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Polymer Science & Engineering