Process for the preparation of polymeric absorbents

TitleProcess for the preparation of polymeric absorbents
Publication TypePatent
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsLele, AKishor, Varghese, S, Badiger, MV, Mashelkar, RAnant
International Patent NumberUS6794467 B2
Application NumberUS 09/537,450
Date PublishedJAN

The invention discloses a process for the preparation of polymeric absorbents useful for gelling organic liquids. The process comprises mixing one or more monomers with a cross-linking agent, a free radical initiator, an optional solvent, optionally in the presence of a transition metal source and subjecting the mixture so obtained to a conventional polymerisation method. The polymer is removed, crushed to obtain polymer powder, washed with solvent and dried by conventional methods to remove unreacted monomers, followed by swelling in alcohols to obtain the desired product.

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Polymer Science & Engineering