Miscellaneous Services

Thesis submission:

Research students who conduct research at NCL for acquiring Ph.D., under the guidance of CSIR-NCL scientists should submit one copy of the printed version and soft copy of the thesis on CD-ROM to the library.

The student should also submit a pdf copy of the thesis at http://dspace.ncl.res.in:8080/xmlui/ and take print out of online thesis submission and then submit following to the KRC/Library office:

Without submission of both the versions of the thesis and above documents, approval for submission of the thesis to the concerned university will not be provided by NCL.

Laboratory Record Note Book: Laboratory Record Note Books are issued by NCL stores, to the scientists and bonafide research students for recording their day to day laboratory work. Signature of the scientist and project leader / Head of the Division is necessary on the first page and last written page while submitting the Laboratory Record Note Books to the library. The store's issue slip will be returned back duly signed to the scientist.

For referring to the laboratory record notebooks, authorization of the Project Leader is necessary.

Access to SRI Reports: These reports are not generally issued. These reports are to be referred only to the library &  authorization from H.O.D.  is necessary for the same.  Photocopying of SRI reports is not allowed. A list of available SRI reports is posted on the library website.