Library Services

A Reference Desk : A reference desk provides assistance in using general library facilities, locating specific documents and other sources of information available in the KRC, Inter-Library Loans etc.

Documents Procurement Books : Books, reports, theses in print & digital form are procured on recommendations of scientists and students. Suggestion forms are available online on KRC website. Books are purchased either from project grants or from JRF/SRF Pooled grants allocated to each division.  From each JRF /SRF’s contingency grant, 30% amount is reserved for the purchase of books. Each division is thus allocated an amount as pooled grant depending upon the number of students working in the Division. Every year in June the amount is allocated and displayed on the KRC homepage. Suggestion for procurement of books under the pooled grant should be approved by the Divisional Library Committee member. For books to be purchased using project funds, the concerned project leader’s approval is necessary. Once the requisition for purchase is received, KRC takes action for procurement. The books on order and status of procurement are displayed on the KRC site. Once the book is received, the indenter is informed by E-mail. The indenter has the privilege of the first issue for an initial period of 3 months for the books purchased from project funds. New books purchased from other funds are displayed in the KRC for a period of one month and then are available for issue. The data of available grants is updated quarterly and is posted on KRC homepage regularly.

RFID : KRC/Library has carried out RFID of all books and journals hence circulation of books is with self-issuing.

Journals : KRC subscribes to foreign & Indian journals in print and electronic form. The journal list is updated every year. Scientists can suggest addition or deletion of a  journal title through the divisional Library Committee member or HOD. New issues of journals are released on every Wednesday for one week display. Electronic versions of core journals are also available.

Photocopying facility : A self-operated photocopying machine is installed in the Library. The photocopying charges of Rs. 0. 70 per copy is debited to the project account. In case you wish to avail of this facility please download a form from the homepage of KRC, fill up and hand over to KRC staff.

Document Delivery Services : Photocopies of articles not available at NCL KRC, Copies of patents, standards, Translation of technical documents from French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese etc. into English through a panel of expert translators. Online searches by accessing international databases on the specific topics required by the scientists.  Requisition forms can be downloaded from the home page of Information Division. All these services are on a charge basis. The charges for all these services vary from service to service. Supply time 3-4 weeks, however, RUSH service is also available, at an extra charge.

Translation  Services : Translation of scientific/ Technical literature from Japanese/Chinese/European Languages to English  Online searches of international databases.

Electronic Access to a number of databases & journals hosted on the NCL Intranet : Library provides access to several electronic journals through the web. Some of the major publishers whose journals are available online are American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry, Elsevier Science Publishers and Wiley Interscience. Journals of general interest like Nature & Science are also made available through KRC/Library.

Access to electronic journals is either IP-based or with login & password. The login and password are specified in each title on the KRC page. One can search, save or download the papers by selecting either PDF/HTML format. Recently CSIR has entered into an agreement with consortium approach in respect of accessing E-Journals of American Chemical Society, AAAS, American Institute of Physics, APS, Elsevier, Oxford University Press, Royal Society of Chemistry, Sci-Finder, Science, Springer, Taylor & Francis, Wiley.                                                        

Fully computerized Library, using Koha Software for library operations.

Web Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) available on LAN and on the Internet to NCL scientists and all users from

Electronic access to Ph.D. theses submitted by NCL research students since 2001; printed theses since 1950.

Electronic access to major reference works

BIOS, FIAT, CIOS reports

Stanford Research Institute’s reports (SRI)