KRC/Library Committee

The affairs of the library are managed by a committee of users of the facility. The Library Committee consists of scientists as members representing each subject area & is headed by Chairman, Library Committee. Director, NCL appoints the members of the committee. The committee meets quarterly and discusses various issues  concerning the library. For a listing of the current members please refer to the homepage.

Minutes of the last Library Committee meeting, as well as the agenda for the future meeting, are posted on the home page. The time and venue of the meeting are also communicated to all members of NCL staff by E-mail.

Any scientist or library user can send suggestions/problems regarding library issues. They are also welcome to attend the meeting and present their views. Representatives of Research students from each of the Division are invitees of the committee. The role of the Library Committee is to provide a constant feedback to the staff of the library on the concern of the users, ideas for improvement and planning for the future growth of the facilities.

Terms of Reference

1. Advising on the overall activity of Information & Library Sciences at NCL.
2. Advice on developing a perspective plan for Information Division at NCL keeping in tune with latest technological developments.
3. Developing new Information services for in houses as well as external users.
4. Identifying the key areas for developing value added information services using the expertise available in the divisions.

The Committee shall meet at least four times a year.

Library Committee Members