Hydrophobically Modified Chitosan

TitleHydrophobically Modified Chitosan
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsShedge, AS, Badiger, MV
Book TitleHydrophobically Modified Chitosan
ChapterAdvances in Planar Lipid Bilayers and Liposomes

Hydrophobically modified chitosan was prepared using the hydrophobic compound derived from natural resource material such as cashew nut shell liquid. Chitosan was modified using 3-pentadecyl cyclohexane carbaldehyde to different extents (2, 3, and 5 mol%). Solution properties of hydrophobically modified chitosan were studied by rheology and light scattering. These indicated the aggregation behavior above the critical association concentration. Further, it was concluded that above the critical association concentration, the dynamics of the network formed due to the associations slowed down significantly.

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Polymer Science & Engineering