Hollow Co0.85Se nanowire array on carbon fiber paper for high rate pseudocapacitor

TitleHollow Co0.85Se nanowire array on carbon fiber paper for high rate pseudocapacitor
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBanerjee, A, Bhatnagar, S, Upadhyay, KKumar, Yadav, P, Ogale, S
JournalACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Date PublishedNOV
Keywordsasymmetric supercapacitor, carbon fiber paper, cobalt selenide, hydrothermal, pseudocapacitor, selenization

A supercapacitor electrode is fabricated with Co0.85Se hollow nanowires (HNW) array, which is synthesized by wet chemical hydrothermal selenization of initially grown cobalt hydroxyl carbonate nanowires on conductive CFP. The dense self-organized morphology of Co0.85Se HNWs is revealed by scanning/transmission electron microscopy. The as-synthesized Co0.85Se HNWs possess high pseudocapacitive property with high capacitance retention and high durability. The areal capacitance value is seen to vary from 929.5 to 600 mF cm(-2) (60% retention) as the current density is increased from 1 to 15 mA cm(-2), an increase of a factor of 15. Based on mass loading, this corresponds to a very high gravimetric capacitance of 674 (for 2 mA cm(-2) or 1.48 Ag-1) and 444 Fg(1-) (for 15 mA cm(-2) or 11 A g(-1)) in a full-cell configuration with the Co0.85Se HNWs as cathode and activated carbon as anode (asymmetric configuration) promising results are obtained.

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Physical and Materials Chemistry