Highly sensitive and fast responding CO sensor based on Co3O4 nanorods

TitleHighly sensitive and fast responding CO sensor based on Co3O4 nanorods
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsPatil, D, Patil, P, Subramanian, V, Joy, PAlias, Potdar, HS
Date PublishedAPR
KeywordsCO sensor, Co3O4 nanorods, HRTEM, Semiconductor gas sensors, XPS, XRD

Co3O4 nanorods (diameters similar to 6-8 nm and lengths similar to 20-30 nm) were synthesized for the first time through a simple co-precipitation/digestion method by calcination of cobalt hydroxyl carbonate in air and their CO gas sensing properties were investigated. The Co3O4 nanorods exhibited outstanding gas sensing characteristics such as, higher gas response (similar to 6.55-50 ppm CO gas at 250 degrees C), extremely rapid response (similar to 3-4s), fast recovery (similar to 5-6s), excellent repeatability, good selectivity and lower operating temperature (similar to 250 degrees C). Furthermore, the Co3O4 nanorods are able to detect up to 5 ppm for CO with reasonable sensitivity (similar to 3.32) at an operating temperature 250 degrees C and they can be reliably used to monitor the concentration of CO over the range (5-50 ppm). The experimental results clearly demonstrate the potential of using the Co3O4 nanorods as sensing material in the fabrication of CO sensors. Plausible CO sensing mechanism of the Co3O4 nanorods is also discussed. (C) 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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Physical and Materials Chemistry