Discontinued Titles - 2013

srTitleSubscribedDiscontinued Year
 ACS Titles Discontinued from 2013   
1ACS Combinatorial Science20122013
2Journal of Chemical Education20122013
3Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation20122013
4Journal of Chemical Information and Modelling20122013
 ECS Journals Discontinued from 2013  
5ECS Meeting Abstract20122013
6ECS Transactions20122013
7Electrochemical and Solid State Letters20122013
9Journal of Electrochemical Society20122013


10Journal of Physics Condensed Matter20122013
12Russian Chemical Reviews20122013
 NATURE Journals  
13EMBO Journal20122013
14EMBO Reports20122013
15Applied & Environmental Microbiology20122013
16Chemical Engineering20122013
17Chemical Products Finder20122013
18Chronicle Pharmabiz20122013
19Critical Reviews in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology20122013
20Critical Reviews in Biotechnology20122013
21Hydrocarbon Processing20122013
22IASLIC Bulletin20122013
23Industrial Products Finder20122013
24International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering20122013
25Journal of Economic Entomology (Entomological Society of America)20122013
26Journal of Fuel Cell Science & Technology20122013
27Journal of Natural Remedies20122013
28Journal of Medicinal & Aromatic Plant Sciences20112013 (No issues published after 2011)
29Manufacturing Chemist20122013
30Nanotech Insight (Centre for Knowledge Management)20122013
31Plastics Engineering20122013
32Pure and Applied Chemistry20122013 (All issues available free online)
33Research Evaulation20122013
34Sensor Letters20122013
35SRELS Journal of Information Management20122013
36Technology Review2011-122013
37World Digital  Libraries20122013
 Total number of titles discontinued as on 2nd May 2013 are total 37