Convergent covalent organic framework thin sheets as flexible supercapacitor electrodes

TitleConvergent covalent organic framework thin sheets as flexible supercapacitor electrodes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsKhayum, AM, Vijayakumar, V, Karak, S, Kandambeth, S, Bhadra, M, Suresh, K, Acharambath, N, Kurungot, S, Banerjee, R
JournalACS Applied Material & Interfaces
Date PublishedAUG
Type of ArticleArticle

Flexible supercapacitors in modern electronic equipment require light-weight electrodes, which have a high surface area, precisely integrated redox moieties, and mechanically strong flexible free-standing nature. However, the incorporation of the aforementioned properties into a single electrode remains a great task. Herein, we could overcome these challenges by a facile and scalable synthesis of the convergent covalent organic framework (COF) free-standing flexible thin sheets through solid-state molecular baking strategy. Here, redox-active anthraquinone (Dq) and pi-electron-rich anthracene (Da) are judiciously selected as two different linkers in a beta-ketoenamine-linked two-dimensional (2D) COF. As a result of precisely integrated anthraquinone moieties, COF thin sheet exhibits redox activity. Meanwhile, pi-electron-rich anthracene linker assists to improve the mechanical property of the free-standing thin sheet through the enhancement of noncovalent interaction between crystallites. This binder-free strategy offers the togetherness of crystallinity and flexibility in 2D COF thin sheets. Also, the synthesized porous crystalline convergent COF thin sheets are benefited with crack-free uniform surface and light-weight nature. Further, to demonstrate the practical utility of the material as an electrode in energy-storage systems, we fabricated a solid-state symmetrical flexible COF supercapacitor device using a GRAFOIL peeled carbon tape as the current collector.

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Physical and Materials Chemistry