Catalyst-dependent selectivity in the relay catalytic branching cascade

TitleCatalyst-dependent selectivity in the relay catalytic branching cascade
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBansode, AH, Shaikh, AC, Kavthe, RD, Thorat, S, Gonnade, RG, Patil, NT
JournalChemistry-A European Journal
Date PublishedFEB
Keywordsalkynols, cascade synthesis, chemoselectivity, diversity-oriented synthesis, Homogeneous catalysis

The synthesis of small organic molecules as probes for discovering new therapeutic agents has been an important aspect of chemical biology. One of the best ways to access collections of small molecules is to use various techniques in diversity-oriented synthesis (DOS). Recently, a new form of DOS, namely relay catalytic branching cascades (RCBCs), has been introduced, wherein a common type of starting material reacts with several scaffold-building agents (SBAs) to obtain structurally diverse molecular scaffolds under the influence of catalysts. Herein, the RCBC reaction of a common type of substrate with SBAs is reported to give two different types of molecular scaffolds and their formation is essentially dependent on the type of catalyst used.

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Organic Chemistry