Biological activity of sophorolipids and their possible use as antiviral agents

TitleBiological activity of sophorolipids and their possible use as antiviral agents
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsBorsanyiova, M, Patil, A, Mukherji, R, Prabhune, A, Bopegamage, S
JournalFolia Microbiologica
Date PublishedJAN

Sophorolipids are surface active glycolipids consisting of a hydrophilic sophorose unit and a hydrophobic portion composed of a fatty acid tail. Crude sophorolipid sample contains both acidic and lactonic forms of sophorolipid with different degrees of acetylation and varying lengths of the fatty acid chains depending on the substrates used in the production process. Carboxylic end in the acidic form of the fatty acid is free, whereas in the lactonic form, it is internally esterified. Sophorolipids show different physicochemical properties with wide range of applications for each structural compound. Lactonic form of sophorolipids shows surface tension reducing ability and biological activity, whereas the acidic form possesses better foam forming ability and higher solubility. Presence of acetyl groups gives hydrophilic nature to the sophorolipids which promotes its antiviral and cytokine-stimulating properties. The aim of this review is to explore and suggest the plausibility of sophorolipids as therapeutic and prophylactic agents for the treatment of viral diseases.

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Biochemical Sciences