Sr. No. Title of The Journals Login Details Type Year Publisher
1. Physical Review A No-Login E 1970+ APS
2. Physical Review Accelerators and Beams No-Login E 1998+ APS
3. Physical Review Applied No-Login E 2014+ APS
4. Physical Review B: Condensed Matter No-Login E 1970+ APS
5. Physical Review C: Nuclear Physics No-Login E 1970+ APS
6. Physical Review D: Covering Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology No-Login E 1970+ APS
7. Physical Review E No-Login E 1993+ APS
8. Physical Review Letters No-Login E 1958+ APS
9. Physical Review Physics Education Research No-Login E 2005+ APS
10. Physical Review X No-Login E 2011+ APS
11. Reviews of Modern Physics No-Login E 1929+ APS