Antimicrobial and dna damaging activity of ochratoxin a extracted from Penicillium species

TitleAntimicrobial and dna damaging activity of ochratoxin a extracted from Penicillium species
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsVankudoth, KRao, Sivadevuni, G
JournalInternational Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences
Date PublishedOCT

The present investigation was carried out by ten bacterial species, Bacillus subtilis, Escherishia coli, Enterobacter aerogenes, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Micrococcus luteus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Pseudomonas putida, Proteus mirabilis, Proteus vulgaris, Staphylococcus aureus and five fungal species, Aspergillus terreus, Penicillium aurantiogriseum, P.expansum, Paceliomycs varioti, Fusarium graminarium were screened for their sensitivity against ochratoxin A (OTA) produced by Penicillium verrucosum. Proteus mirabilis was highly sensitive followed by E.aureogens, B.subtilis and K. pneumoniae. Rest of the bacteria was intermediate in their sensitivity when compared with the streptomycin as standard. Similarly P.aurantiogriseum and Paeciolomyces varioti were comparatively more sensitive than the other fungi under study. Aspergillus terreus and P.expansum was sensitive to an intermediate extent. Simultaneously the DNA damaging activity of OTA was also evaluated by PRSET-B plasmid DNA treated with H2O2 plus different concentrations of OTA. The highest DNA stand breaks was observed on even at 25μg/ml of OTA and complete degradation of DNA stand breaks was observed on 30μg/ml of OTA.

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