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S. S. Kale, Kunjir, S. M., Gawade, R. L., Puranik, V. G., Rajamohanan, P. R., and Sanjayan, G. J., Conformational modulation of peptide secondary structures using beta-aminobenzenesulfonic acid, Chemical Communications, vol. 50, no. 22, pp. 2886-2888, 2014.
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D. Kumar Tiwari, Bharadwaj, K. Chandra, Puranik, V. G., and Tiwari, D. Kumar, Divergent total synthesis of 1,6,8a-tri-epi-castanospermine and 1-deoxy-6,8a-di-epi-castanospermine from substituted azetidin-2-one (beta-lactam), involving a cascade sequence of reactions as a key step, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, vol. 12, no. 37, pp. 7389-7396, 2014.
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