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M. K. Munshi, Gade, S. M., Mane, M. V., Mishra, D., Pal, S., Vanka, K., Rane, V. H., and Kelkar, A. A., 1,8-Diazabicyclo[5.4.0]undec-7-ene (DBU): a highly efficient catalyst in glycerol carbonate synthesis, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A-Chemical, vol. 391, pp. 144-149, 2014.
R. L. Gawade, Chakravarty, D. K., Kotmale, A., Sangtani, E., Joshi, P. V., Ahmed, A., Mane, M. V., Das, S., Vanka, K., Rajamohanan, P. R., Puranik, V. G., and Gonnade, R. G., Additive mediated syn-anti conformational tuning at nucleation to capture elusive polymorphs: remarkable role of extended pi-stacking interactions in driving the self-assembly, Crystal Growth & Design, vol. 16, no. 4, pp. 2416-2428, 2016.
P. N. Bagle, Mane, M. V., Vanka, K., Shinde, D. R., Shaikh, S. R., Gonnade, R. G., and Patil, N. T., Au(I)/Ag(I) co-operative catalysis: interception of Ag-bound carbocations with α-gold(I) enals in the imino-alkyne cyclizations with N-allenamides, Chemical Communications, vol. 52, pp. 14462-14465, 2016.
K. N. Tayade, Mane, M. V., Sen, S., Murthy, C. N., Tembe, G. L., S. Pillai, M., Vanka, K., and Mukherjee, S., Catalytic and DFT study of selective ethylene oligomerization by nickel(II) oxime-based complexes, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A-Chemical, vol. 366, pp. 238-246, 2013.
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S. S. Dharmapurikar, Chithiravel, S., Mane, M. V., Deshmukh, G., and Krishnamoorthy, K., Dihedral angle control to improve the charge transport properties of conjugated polymers in organic field effect transistors, Chemical Physics Letters, vol. 695, pp. 51-58, 2018.
M. V. Mane, Venkatnathan, A., Ghatak, K., and Vanka, K., Exploring the potential of doped zero-dimensional cages for proton transfer in fuel cells: a computational study, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, vol. 116, no. 32, pp. 9803-9811, 2012.
M. Thangaraj, Bhojgude, S. Suresh, Mane, M. V., and