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Journal Article
A. Pal and Vanka, K., Can silylenes rival transition metal systems in bond-strengthening pi-back donation? a computational investigation, Chemical Communications, vol. 50, no. 62, pp. 8522-8525, 2014.
A. Pal and Vanka, K., DFT investigation of the potential of porous cages for the catalysis of ammonia borane dehydrogenation, Chemical Communications, vol. 47, no. 41, pp. 11417-11419, 2011.
N. Biswas, Patra, D., Mondal, B., Bera, S., Acharyya, S., Biswas, A. Kumar, Mukhopadhyay, T. Kumar, Pal, A., Drew, M. G. B., and Ghosh, T., Exploring the effect of hydroxylic and non-hydroxylic solvents on the reaction of [(VO)-O-IV(beta-diketonate)2] with 2-aminobenzoyl-hydrazide in aerobic and anaerobic conditions, Dalton Transactions, vol. 46, no. 33, 2017.
A. Pal and Vanka, K., Exploring the effectiveness of different Lewis pair combinations in caged structures for the catalysis of ammonia borane dehydrogenation: a DFT study, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 15, no. 48, pp. 20857-20867, 2013.
A. Pal and Vanka, K., Proposing late transition metal complexes as frustrated Lewis pairs - a computational investigation, Dalton Transactions, vol. 42, no. 38, pp. 13866-13873, 2013.
A. Pal and Vanka, K., Small molecule activation by constrained phosphorus compounds: insights from theory, Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 55, no. 2, pp. 558-565, 2016.