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S. Shalini, Aggarwal, S., Singh, S. K., Dutt, M., Ajithkumar, T. G., and Vaidhyanathan, R., 10000-Fold enhancement in proton conduction by doping of cesium ions in a proton-conducting zwitterionic metal-organic framework, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, no. 27, pp. 4382-4386, 2016.
S. Shalini, Dhavale, V. M., Eldho, K. Mathai, Kurungot, S., Ajithkumar, T. G., and Vaidhyanathan, R., 1000-fold enhancement in proton conductivity of a MOF using post-synthetically anchored proton transporters, Scientific Reports, vol. 6, p. 32489, 2016.
A. Basu, Roy, K., Sharma, N., Nandi, S., Vaidhyanathan, R., Rane, S., Rode, C. V., and Ogale, S. B., CO2 Laser direct written MOF-based metal-decorated and heteroatom-doped porous graphene for flexible all-solid-state microsupercapacitor with extremely high cycling stability, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, vol. 8, no. 46, pp. 31841-31848, 2016.
S. Haldar, Roy, K., Nandi, S., Chakraborty, D., Puthusseri, D., Gawli, Y., Ogale, S., and Vaidhyanathan, R., High and reversible lithium ion storage in self-exfoliated triazole-triformyl phloroglucinol-basedcovalent organic nanosheets, Advanced Energy Materials, vol. 8, no. 8, p. Article Number: 1702170, 2018.
D. Mullangi, Chakraborty, D., Pradeep, A., Koshti, V., Vinod, C. P., Panja, S., Nair, S., and Vaidhyanathan, R., Highly stable COF-supported Co/Co(OH)(2) nanoparticles heterogeneous catalyst for reduction of nitrile/nitro compounds under mild conditions, Small, vol. 14, no. 37, 2018.
A. C. Shaikh, Shalini, S., Vaidhyanathan, R., Mane, M. V., Barui, A. Kumar, Patra, C. Ranjan, Venkatesh, Y., Bangal, P. Ranjan, and Patil, N. T., Identifying solid luminogens through gold-catalysed intramolecular hydroarylation of alkynes, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, no. 22, pp. 4860-4867, 2015.
S. Nandi, Dhavale, V. M., Shalini, S., Werner-Zwanziger, U., Singh, H., Kurungot, S., and Vaidhyanathan, R., Lithium-assisted proton conduction at 150 degrees C in a microporous triazine-phenol polymer, Advanced Materials Interfaces, vol. 2, no. 16, p. 1500301, 2015.
S. Nandi, Singh, S. Kumar, Mullangi, D., Illathvalappil, R., George, L., Vinod, C. P., Kurungot, S., and Vaidhyanathan, R., Low band gap benzimidazole COF supported Ni3N as highly active OER catalyst, Advanced Energy Materials, vol. 6, no. 24, p. Article No:1601189, 2016.
D. Mullangi, Dhavale, V. M., Shalini, S., Nandi, S., Collins, S., Woo, T., Kurungot, S., and Vaidhyanathan, R., Low-overpotential electrocatalytic water splitting with noble-metal-free nanoparticles supported in a sp(3) n-rich flexible COF, Advanced Energy Materials, vol. 6, no. 13, p. Article No. 1600110, 2016.
D. Mullangi, Nandi, S., Shalini, S., Sreedhala, S., Vinod, C. P., and Vaidhyanathan, R., Pd loaded amphiphilic COF as catalyst for multi-fold Heck reactions, C-C couplings and CO oxidation, Scientific Reports, vol. 5, p. 10876, 2015.
K. Patel, Deshmukh, S. S., Bodkhe, D., Mane, M., Vanka, K., Shinde, D., Rajamohanan, P. R., Nandi, S., Vaidhyanathan, R., and Chikkali, S. H., Secondary interactions arrest the hemiaminal intermediate to invert the modus operandi of schiff base reaction: a route to benzoxazinones, Journal of Organic Chemistry, vol. 82, no. 8, pp. 4342-4351, 2017.