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S. P. Chavan, Khairnar, L. B., and Chavan, P. N., Efficient and mild method for preparation of allylic amines from aziridine-2-alcohols using PPh3/I-2/imidazole, Tetrahedron Letters, vol. 55, no. 43, pp. 5905-5907, 2014.
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S. P. Chavan, Khairnar, L. B., Pawar, K. P., Chavan, P. N., and Kawale, S. A., Enantioselective syntheses of (R)-pipecolic acid, (2R,3R)-3-hydroxypipecolic acid, beta-(+)-conhydrine and (-)-swainsonine using an aziridine derived common chiral synthon, RSC Advances, vol. 5, no. 62, pp. 50580-50590, 2015.
S. P. Panchgalle, Jogdand, G. F., Chavan, S. P., and Kalkote, U. R., Enantioselective synthesis of (R)-(+)-alpha-lipoic acid via proline-catalyzed sequential alpha-aminoxylation and HWE olefination of aldehyde, Tetrahedron Letters, vol. 51, no. 27, pp. 3587-3589, 2010.
S. P. Chavan and Khatod, H. S., Enantioselective synthesis of the essential oil and pheromonal component ar-himachalene by a chiral pool and chirality induction approach, Tetrahedron-Asymmetry, vol. 23, no. 18-19, pp. 1410-1415, 2012.
S. P. Panchgalle, Kunte, S. S., Chavan, S. P., and Kalkote, U. R., Exploration of L-proline-catalyzed -aminoxylation of aldehyde to (S)-guaifenesin-related drug molecules, Synthetic Communications, vol. 41, no. 13, p. PII 937137930, 2011.
S. P. Chavan, Khatod, H. S., Das, T., and Vanka, K., Exploration of the diastereoselectivity in an unusual Grignard reaction and its application towards the synthesis of styryl lactones 7-epi-(+)-goniodiol and 8-epi-(-)-goniodiol, RSC Advances, vol. 6, no. 56, pp. 50721-50725, 2016.