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D. Chakraborty, Nandi, S., Illathvalappil, R., Mullangi, D., Maity, R., Singh, S. K., Haldar, S., Vinod, C. P., Kurungot, S., and Vaidhyanathan, R., Carbon derived from soft pyrolysis of a covalent organic framework as a support for small-sized RuO2 showing exceptionally low overpotential for oxygen evolution reaction, ACS Omega, vol. 4, no. 8, pp. 13465-13473, 2019.
S. K. M. Unni, Illathvalappil, R., Bhange, S. N., Puthenpediakkal, H., and Kurungot, S., Carbon nanohorn-derived graphene nanotubes as a platinum-free fuel cell cathode, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, vol. 7, no. 43, pp. 24256-24264, 2015.
K. Shijina, Illathvalappil, R., Kurungot, S., Nair, B. N., A. Mohamed, P., Yamaguchi, T., Anilkumar, G. M., Hareesh, U. S., and Sailaja, G. S., Chitosan intercalated metal organic gel as a green precursor of fe entrenched and fe distributed N-doped mesoporous graphitic carbon for oxygen reduction reaction, Chemistryselect, vol. 2, no. 28, pp. 8762-8770, 2017.
M. E. Bhosale, Illathvalappil, R., Kurungot, S., and Krishnamoorthy, K., Conjugated porous polymers as precursors for electrocatalysts and storage electrode materials, Chemical Communications, vol. 52, no. 2, pp. 316-318, 2016.
S. B. Tayade, Illathvalappil, R., Lapalikar, V., Markad, D., Kurungot, S., Pujari, B., and Kumbhar, A. S., A copper(ii)-coordination polymer based on a sulfonic-carboxylic ligand exhibits high water-facilitated proton conductivity, Dalton Transactions, vol. 48, no. 29, pp. 11034-11044, 2019.