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S. B. Kamble and Rode, C. V., Cascade synthesis of 2-cyanoacrylamides through deacetalization and/or knoevenagelcondensation followed by selective monohydration of acetals and aldehydes over solid acidferrites, Chemcatchem, vol. 8, no. 16, pp. 2678-2687, 2016.
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A. Basu, Roy, K., Sharma, N., Nandi, S., Vaidhyanathan, R., Rane, S., Rode, C. V., and Ogale, S. B., CO2 Laser direct written MOF-based metal-decorated and heteroatom-doped porous graphene for flexible all-solid-state microsupercapacitor with extremely high cycling stability, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, vol. 8, no. 46, pp. 31841-31848, 2016.
C. V. Rode, Kshirsagar, V. S., Nadgeri, J. M., and Patil, K. R., Cobalt-salen intercalated montmorillonite catalyst for air oxidation of p-cresol under mild conditions, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, vol. 46, no. 25, pp. 8413-8419, 2007.
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