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S. K. M. Unni, Illathvalappil, R., Bhange, S. N., Puthenpediakkal, H., and Kurungot, S., Carbon nanohorn-derived graphene nanotubes as a platinum-free fuel cell cathode, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, vol. 7, no. 43, pp. 24256-24264, 2015.
S. K. M. Unni, Mora-Hernandez, J. M., Kurungot, S., and Alonso-Vante, N., CoSe2 supported on nitrogen-doped carbon nanohorns as a methanol-tolerant cathode for air-breathing microlaminar flow fuel cells, Chemelectrochem, vol. 2, no. 9, pp. 1339-1345, 2015.
S. K. M. Unni, Ramadas, S., Illathvalappil, R., Bhange, S. N., and Kurungot, S., Surface-modified single wall carbon nanohorn as an effective electrocatalyst for platinum-free fuel cell cathodes, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, vol. 3, no. 8, pp. 4361-4367, 2015.
S. K. M. Unni, Illathvalappil, R., Gangadharan, P. K., Bhange, S. N., and Kurungot, S., Layer-separated distribution of nitrogen doped graphene by wrapping on carbon nitride tetrapods for enhanced oxygen reduction reactions in acidic medium, Chemical Communications, vol. 50, no. 89, pp. 13769-13772, 2014.
S. K. M. Unni, Bhange, S. N., Anothumakkool, B., and Kurungot, S., Redox-mediated synthesis of functionalised graphene: a strategy towards 2D multifunctional electrocatalysts for energy conversion applications, ChemPlusChem, vol. 78, no. 10, pp. 1296-1303, 2013.
S. K. M. Unni, Pillai, V. K., and Kurungot, S., 3-Dimensionally self-assembled single crystalline platinum nanostructures on few-layer graphene as an efficient oxygen reduction electrocatalyst, RSC Advances, vol. 3, no. 19, pp. 6913-6921, 2013.
S. K. M. Unni, Devulapally, S., Karjule, N., and Kurungot, S., Graphene enriched with pyrrolic coordination of the doped nitrogen as an efficient metal-free electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction, Journal of Materials Chemistry, vol. 22, no. 44, pp. 23506-23513, 2012.
S. K. M. Unni, Dhavale, V. M., Pillai, V. K., and Kurungot, S., High pt utilization electrodes for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells by dispersing pt particles formed by a preprecipitation method on carbon ``polished'' with polypyrrole, Journal of