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B. M. Sharma, Rathod, J., Gonnade, R. G., and Kumar, P., Harnessing nucleophilicity of allenol ester with p-quinone methides via gold catalysis: application to the synthesis of diarylmethine-substituted enones, Journal of Organic Chemistry, vol. 83 , no. 16, pp. 9353-9363, 2018.
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M. Chandra Sil, Sudhakar, V., Singh, A. Kumar, Kavungathodi, M. Fairoos Me, and Nithyanandhan, J., Homo- and heterodimeric dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells: panchromatic light absorption and modulated open circuit potential, ChemPlusChem, vol. 83, no. 11, pp. 998-1007, 2018.