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V. A. Murugan, Gopinath, C. S., and Vijayamohanan, K., Electrochemical studies of poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) PEDOT/VS2 nanocomposite as a cathode material for rechargeable lithium batteries, Electrochemistry Communications, vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 213-218, 2005.
V. A. Murugan, Viswanath, A. K., Campet, G., Gopinath, C. S., and Vijayamohanan, K., Enhancement of double-layer capacitance behavior and its electrical conductivity in layered poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-based nanocomposites, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 87, no. 24, p. 243511, 2005.
V. A. Murugan, Quintin, M., Delville, M. H., Campet, G., and Vijayamohanan, K., Entrapment of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) between VS2 layers to form a new organic-inorganic intercalative nanocomposite, Journal of Materials Chemistry, vol. 15, no. 8, pp. 902-909, 2005.
A. Ellis, D'Arcy-Galla, J., Vijayamohanan, K., Goswami, R., Ganesan, P. G., Ryu, C., and Ramanath, G., Phase transitions in octanethiol-capped Ag nanocluster microfilm assemblies, Thermochimica Acta, vol. 426, no. 1-2, pp. 207-212, 2005.
M. S. Dandekar, Arabale, G., and Vijayamohanan, K., Preparation and characterization of composite electrodes of coconut-shell-based activated carbon and hydrous ruthenium oxide for supercapacitors, Journal of Power Sources, vol. 141, no. 1, pp. 198-203, 2005.
N. Hebalkar, Arabale, G., Sainkar, S. R., Pradhan, S. D., Mulla, I. S., Vijayamohanan, K., Ayyub, P., and Kulkarni, S. K., Study of correlation of structural and surface properties with electrochemical behaviour in carbon aerogels, Journal of Materials Science, vol. 40, no. 14, pp. 3777-3782, 2005.
T. Maddanimath, Kumar, A., D'Arcy-Galla, J., Ganesan, P. G., Vijayamohanan, K., and Ramanath, G., Wet-chemical templateless assembly of metal nanowires from nanoparticles, Chemical Communications, no. 11, pp. 1435-1437, 2005.