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A. Y. Shaikh, Sureshkumar, G., Pati, D., Gupta, S. Sen, and Hotha, S., Facile synthesis of unusual glycosyl carbamates and amino acid glycosides from propargyl 1,2-orthoesters as glycosyl donors, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, vol. 9, no. 17, pp. 5951-5959, 2011.
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M. Kar, Pauline, M., Sharma, K., Kumaraswamy, G., and Gupta, S. Sen, Synthesis of poly-L-glutamic acid grafted silica nanoparticles and their assembly into macroporous structures, Langmuir, vol. 27, no. 19, pp. 12124-12133, 2011.